Waiting for Kate……..

This is just a quick post about the one and only Kate Bush!
Waiting for Kate? Kate Bush is back on the stage after 35 years!! With all the media coverage on the event I don’t know how you wouldn’t have heard about it! I’m yet to see it (Just 2 weeks to go!!!) but by what people are saying I’m in for a real treat!! This post is called waiting for Kate, I feel like I have waited for Before the Dawn for a long time! Not just before the Dawn but Kate to! I have been a fan of hers since a very young age I remember my Dad telling me all about her and playing her music in the car, and me singing along to the likes of Babooshka. I remember him telling me how when you see this woman you would not believe she has this Amazing voice she’s tiny! For years I just listened to it in the car, never really thought about it that much. Only when I was older I really discovered her music. I always thought she was this mysterious figure because unlike other musicians she was never on TV or in magazines and didn’t release music that often. Who is this person? Why would someone so talented not release more music? Now I believe it’s not for money, she isn’t forced to release music. She just wants to give people her very best work. She doesn’t try to be unique she just is. All Kate seem to want is to have a career and a personal life, like any normal person! I don’t blame her for taking time off and enjoying life without everyone watching her every move. I’m very thankful for the music she has given us already. I cannot wait to see her perform live! This lady has set the bar very high for musicians. There really is nobody like Kate Bush, Smart, Feminine, Political, Mother. Just an all round Boss really! Thanks Kate!



Driving through the out skirts of Hull with an array of Beautiful houses and acre after acre of fresh Green fields. Between all this standing proud is RiseHall.
RiseHall built in 1815 for the high Sheriff of Yorkshire Richard Bethell, by architects Watson and Pritchett.
In the Second World War the building was leased to Philomenas convent school. The school closed and Rise stood empty until 2001 when Sarah Beeny and Husband Graham Swift bought the Building. That’s where their story of Rise Began……….
Sarah and Graham embarked on the mammoth task of restoring Rise. Both extremely talented In their own right, Graham a successful artist and Sarah a successful property developer, the perfect pair to take on this project.
As you may have seen the restoration of Rise was documented on the Channel 4 programme ‘Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare’. The programme showed us the highs and lows of Sarah and Graham’s project. If you watched the show you will know it was no plain sailing for them, at some points even questioning if they would finish the restoration of Rise. Through all the struggles they completed RiseHall and what a fabulous job they did!
Entering the reception you can’t help but let your eyes wander immediately, very bright and colourful with the essence of a family home. Each room with its own theme beautifully decorated. The Amazing Artwork throughout the house is Graham’s own! Main feature that stood out to me and I’m sure to others to is the staircase. A wonderful classic staircase very eye catching with the colours surrounding it enhancing it’s elegance, just perfect for weddings! Rise has a lot of natural light throughout which is unique for a stately home what they call a photographers dream.
Another of the rooms that really stood out is the pub! Yes you read that correctly they have their very own private pub inside Rise! A traditional country pub in the heart of the house perfect for a grooms stag night or just to socialise with the family.
Upstairs each bedroom perfectly designed and decorated. Keeping to traditions with a few modern touches, they have a room for anyone’s taste. Each bedroom is just elegant and classy I have no idea how you choose which room you want to stay in, anyone would be spoilt for choice!
Rise is available to hire for many events such as weddings. As a family you can even hire Rise for an amount of time with your own kitchen facilities, pub and beautiful views you can relax and not have to leave the house! A perfect short retreat! A real must see!
Over the past few years Rise has hosted many weddings which they continue today. A truly Beautiful venue!
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Not Just Any Beer……..

There is no other Brewery like Samuel Smith Brewery. Based in Tadcaster and established in 1758, this makes the Brewery the oldest in Yorkshire!
The ales and stouts created at the Brewery are fermented in ‘stone Yorkshire squares’, this gives the beers a fuller bodied taste, keeping to tradition they use the same strain of yeast as would have been used in the 19th Century. All the products are vegan friendly.

Samuel Smith like to keep to the original traditional ways even still using Shire horses for Deliveries! ‘Extra Stout’?…….a little fact you may not already know is that the Brewery used to own a Guiness World record Shire Horse! Extra Stout as it was called, at the time was the tallest and heaviest Shire Horse in the World! Nowadays they obviously can’t use Shire horses for all deliveries, with pubs up and down the country that just wouldn’t be sensible, so they only use the Shire Horses for local deliveries….still a great way to keep the memory of those times alive!
The Brewery have in the region of 200 pubs! With products for everyone from Real Ales, Spirits, Ciders, Fruit Beers plus they even have their own range of snacks, there really is no excuse not to give a Samuel Smith pub a try! Now in that list Fruit beer I’m sure stood out to you! The Brewery really are not afraid to experiment when it comes to flavour with a range of fruit beers some great examples (I
have tried) are the Cherry and Apricot beers really exciting flavours, I have never really tried anything like it!


I was lucky enough to ask Area Manager of the Brewery Samuel Smith a few questions! Here’s what he had to say………..

What values does the Brewery hope to withstand throughout their Establishments?
Places to show off our fantastic range of beers. Quality environments where the fabric is made only from the finest natural materials, Characterised by friendliness and sociability. Also Outstanding value for money.

What does Samuel Smith brewery offer that other Breweries don’t?
Very traditional company using classic methods of brewing, almost the only brewery to ferment beers in stone Yorkshire squares. The only brewery in the world to use wooden casks for all our cask ale with our own resident cooper at the brewery. One of the very few breweries to make deliveries (round our home town of Tadcaster) using shire horses.
Extraordinary range of beers. We don’t simply brew bitters or pale ales like certain other British breweries, but an amazing range encompassing pale ales, brown ale, porter, stouts, lagers, wheat beer, fruit beers and even cider.

Why should people choose Samuel Smith products?
Our beers are handcrafted using traditional methods, rather than mass produced at a vast industrial scale brewery. All our beers are brewed solely from authentic natural ingredients, unlike a lot of beers brewed in the UK, All of our beers (except cask Old Brewery Bitter) are vegan friendly.

You experiment with a lot of flavours, creating unique products, is this something the Brewery hopes to continue?
Definitely. We love innovating by brewing new styles of beer and using different natural ingredients to create amazing new flavours. Our organic fruit beers and chocolate stout are proving extremely popular and we’re constantly thinking about new products and new ingredients we could use. Beer can be so interesting and diverse and so we want to show this off with the products we brew. Variety is the spice of life!

Are there any new products we can look forward to?
Yes but we can’t reveal what they will be at this stage!

The Brewery and it’s pubs are very traditional with a lot of history, do you hope to keep it this way?
Yes. A lot of our pubs have a classic old school feel to them. Many are fine historic buildings and we feel it is important to preserve them as such. As more and more pubs become modernised, so our pubs become ever more special and unique.

What is the companies best selling Product?
Taddy Lager.

Why do you believe this is the best selling product?
The vast majority of the British beer market is lager so we seek to brew the best lager in Britain. Taddy Lager is slightly stronger (4.5%) than most mass market lagers and therefore has extra body and flavour. Its subtle fruity aromas make it a very interesting and satisfying drink.

What should customers look out for in the future from the Brewery?
Much as the same as what we are doing now – excellent beers and excellent pubs.

I think Samuel Smith pubs are great places to socialise and bring you back to the traditional pub experience, all the buildings are full of history as is the Brewery. They even keep to the decor of the time the pub was built! The Brewery brings to you a new experience different beers and different surroundings it offers new and interesting opportunities!

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Taste of Luxury!

San Pietro!
As you enter the high end restaurant located in a small town in North Lincolnshire called Scunthorpe, you are greeted by glistening glasses, the smell of Beautiful exotic food and a Luxurious atmosphere. The decor of the restaurant is very modern with subtle tones, stunning pieces of art and an array of awards presented to the restaurant.
All the waiters dressed extremely smart with great manners and customer service.
We were first seated close to the bar were we chose our wine from a fantastic selection and presented with the menu. The menu itself looked like a piece of art, in book form, beautifully designed with a great selection of dishes. The restaurant specialises in Mediterranean Cuisine.

After a long look at the menu (We were spoilt for choice) we chose our dishes and escorted to our table. All the tables neatly presented and very welcoming. To start we were given a small complementary starter this was a very tasty Gazpacho Perfectly seasoned accompanied with a choice from a selection of breads, a great introduction to our meals.
Then the main event! Our main meals were brought out, my choice, the Duo of Lamb. Fantastic presentation, succulent meat partnered with a variety of flavours to compliment the dish. Just Perfection!

All pretty full after our Delicious main meals we were not going to have a dessert but after seeing the selection of desserts on the menu, we all HAD to try one! More surprises?! Selected our desserts we were then presented with a pre dessert! A small fruit sorbet to refresh out pallets ahead of our desserts. A fabulous touch to our meal.
The Grand Finale! To top off the whole experience our desserts looked to good to eat, again perfect presentation and very tasty! I had the chocolate pyramid served with ice cream and sauce, I would advise anyone to try it when they visit San Pietro!


San Pietro is not just a Fantastic restaurant, they also cater and act as host for occasions such as weddings with function room and all the tools needed to create your special occasion! Plus if you need a place to stay after food or function they even have hotel rooms! 14 boutique hotel rooms waiting for you to try! San Pietro has something for everyone. Fine Dining at its Best! I would definitely return!


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Cerys Creates the Good Life?!

Cerys Matthews burst onto the music scene in 1992 as front woman and founding member of Welsh Rock Band Catatonia.
Catatonia went on to release 4 studio albums of which 2 hit the number 1 spot. The band created well known tracks such as ‘Mulder and Scully’, ‘Dead from the Waist Down’ and ‘Road Rage’. Just to name a few.
Since Catatonia Cerys has embarked on a number of projects including her solo career which has also been very successful. Cerys has created albums in both English and Welsh such as, ‘TIR’, ‘Explorer’ and ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’.
Cerys has also found success as a radio show host and Broadcaster. Listeners can tune into Radio 6 music every Sunday morning where Cerys introduces us to a mixture of old classics and the latest releases. Cerys gives us reviews, interviews and interesting musical facts. There is no other Radio show like it!


The Good Life Experience? What is all this about?………………The Good Life Experience is Cerys Matthews Latest project, she has gone and taken the challenge of curating her very own festival! Now as with most projects in this talented lady’s career this is something no one has done before and we will definitely be introduced to new Music, skills and a whole new experience. The Good Life Experience is being hosted by the Beautiful Hawarden Estate in Flintshire a fabulous venue!

I have been lucky enough to ask Cerys a few questions on her Career and her latest project……………

Singer, songwriter, author and Broadcaster, which of these is your favourite role?
I love them all, but broadcasting is the most social of the 4 -I travel around the country to film for the
One Show , and visit random small towns and train lines so it’s very interesting, and then there’s also the 3 hours of live Sunday morning radio..
There’s nothing better than playing out 3 mins of heavenly recordings like Black Cat Bone by Lightnin Hopkins to an audience of like minded people.

What or Who inspires your music?
I’ve never worked out the science- but I know many of us feel it- when we we hear music that just does something to you-its priceless and it hits you deep and hard. Making music is the same. If you’re a music fan there’s nothing that compares.

Do you prefer working in a band or solo?
Solo doesn’t mean working in a vacuum – you CAN work alone but you also CAN work within different groups of musicians and engineers too.. being solo enables you to explore and experiment more and spend less time on band politics . So I’d say this kind of ‘solo’ all the way.

What do you like about broadcasting?

Sharing interesting tidbits and brilliant music is simply the best thing in the world to me. It feels like a family and its growing all the time- there must be many of us out there tired of formula and hungry for great music and content.

Who has been your favourite person to interview to date?
Ahmad Jamal, Jack Bruce, Herp Albert, Jac Holzman, Robert Plant, Bill Wyman, Kate Adie, AH! ALLEN TOUSSAINT- I am able to approach and invite all my guests so I’ve loved interviewing them all -totally.

What has been the best moment in your career so far?
Allen Toussaint telling me about Snooks Eaglin, Kate Adie telling me about her youth- I do love interviewing hero’s of mine and asking things like what songs their mothers sang to them as a child. Little things like that to me are special.

Who is your idol?
Idols I don’t have- but I do admire people like Luis Armstrong , Duke Ellington, Allen Toussaint , Shep Gordon and people who work hard for equality , education and art for all.

What prompted you to create new festival The Good Life Experience?
I wanted a festival that had a sense of adventure as well as great music . Everything is hand picked- the largest collection of Welsh artisan beers, organic food from a 30 mile radius , sausage making lessons, the music and poets and Caroline and Charlie Gladstone have curated the great outdoors- wildswimming tips, abseiling, axe throwing, yoga, campfire cooking ,baking, even clothes mending-and the list goes on…

What makes your festival different from the others?
that you will leave with new tricks not just a sore head.

You have achieved so much in your career, what more do you hope to achieve?
I’d love to work more and more with arts and activites so we are reminded that it is normal not to be a 24/7 consumer (not the opposite)

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We’re Just Passing Through?……….

‘We’re just Passing Through’ is the brand new album from Nicky Campbell and Kate Robbins. Both super talented the pair decided to collaborate on an album after hearing one another’s previous work.
The album is a perfect combination of smooth easily listening songs with a few such as parallel lives to give the album a kick with some Amazing guitar work from Kit Morgan.
A group of vintage style love songs, songs with real meaning when I spoke to Nicky I was really excited to hear what the songs meant to him here’s a snippet of our conversation…….

Q What Inspired you and Kate (Robbins) to create this album?

N – I heard Kate’s album ‘Soho Nights’ and loved it, I sent her the swing album I wrote for Mark Moraghan ‘Moonlight’s Back in Style’ we agreed to work together started writing and sorted a publishing deal.

Q Why is the album called we’re just passing through?

N – The idea is we are just passing through, here to make the most of it and make it better.

Q What inspires you when writing music?

N – People, Emotion, my wife and family. I travel a lot when you are up in the air you feel very vulnerable I get a lot of ideas through those feelings.

Q Profits from this album go to charity organisation BAAF, why this charity?

N – I work a lot with this charity, they do a great job helping children with adoption and fostering, I wanted to introduce more people to the charity to help it receive more support.

Q Where can we find this Album?

N – Amazon, it’s on ITunes, any download sites (android) Supermarkets and music stores such as HMV.

It was great to chat to Nicky I felt he is very proud of this album, something he and Kate have worked very hard on with really creative ideas used, he told me they sent ideas to each other through iPhone which wouldn’t haven’t been done in the days of Buddy Holly. I feel that this album created by modern technology has kept original values.
The vocals of Campbell and Robbins complement each other throughout the album, giving each song an interesting individual sound. Robbins has an incredible voice what I would call a ‘Classic Hollywood’ voice, Glam, you can’t help but listen to it! Campbell has a softer voice, a mixture of great harmonies working with the heartfelt lyrics.
This album has a little something for everyone……..Fabulous………relax and enjoy.

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The Pogues Rock Bristol!

Walking through Bristol’s city centre on Thursday the 26th of June, there was a buzz about the place. Most people were making their way over to the Harbour side where the outdoor stage was set, next to one of the traditional boats on the waterfront which was lit up with an array of pretty eye catching lights. Across from the stage was the Lloyds bank building an old fashioned looking building also lit up, lights brightening the whole area.
Bristol Summer series featuring The Rails and The Pogues was about to take place. They set up a mini festival inside the gated area near the stage with a choice of different foods and drinks (mainly beers and ciders).
First band of the night to perform we’re The Rails, made up of musicians Kami Thompson and James Walbourne, an English folk rock band kicked off the evening with their catchy hits, the audience really warming to them and visibly enjoying the performance. The songs, very well written with faultless voices and perfect harmonies complementing the music beautifully, still keeping it edgy and upbeat. Music quite unique giving a very seventies feel. A great band to look out for!
Audience all ready the Pogues were about to enter the stage, the band began to walk on stage and the audience went wild! Audience members evidently huge fans with most people wearing various Pogues T-Shirts and singing along to every lyric. The Pogues put on an upbeat set creating a great atmosphere and forcing all fans to dance along to the famous catchy hits! Most people think of the Pogues and think Fairytale of New York, which we all know to be one of the most Famous Christmas songs of all time, but this performance showed me they are a lot more than that. Their songs just as well written and the music accompanying the lyrics matching perfectly, If you love Fairytale of New York you should definitely listen to more of their music! An unforgettable show!

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